Wednesday, May 27, 2009

townsend's new bed

townsend wanted to show off his new bed!

he's so happy because he can fit his whole body on it!

although, at first, he was more interested in the box it came in.

ps - townsend also wanted to let everyone know that he graduated from puppy obedience class!

it was hard to get a phot of him in his graduation cap!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

my left arm.

on the way home from the ER this evening, i [brooke] reflected on everything i've ever done to my left arm:
  1. age 3-4: i fell over a pig fence and ripped a chunk of skin from under my bicep. there wasn't enough skin left to stitch it back together. [edit: just realized this was on my right arm.]
  2. age 5-6: sliced my pinky open with a butcher knife. no stitches needed, but still have issues with control of my pinky. watch me play guitar, i rarely use my pinky.
  3. age 8-9: i fell off my skateboard and split open my elbow. a trip to the ER for 3 stitches.
  4. age 14-15: one of my best friends, and he is still one of my best friends, shot me in the arm with a high powered pellet gun. a trip to the ER for x-rays, pellet removal, and 3 stitches.
  5. age 23: sliced the back of my thumb open down to the tendons with an exacto knife. a trip to the ER, 6 stitches and 6 weeks of healing time. it took me a year to get full movement back to my thumb.
  6. age 31: fell off my bike while riding down the burke gilman trail and punched a dime-sized hole on my outer elbow. a trip to the ER, 3 x-rays and 3 stitches.

the good things that have happened to my left arm? my wedding ring!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

columbia river gorge/beacon rock state park

this past weekend we journeyed down to the columbia river gorge area to check out beacon rock state park. we wanted to give townsend a test drive at camping. he did exceptionally well...except for ripping three holes in our favorite tent. but you can't really blame him, he's only a puppy and not used to sleeping in a mesh container.

although townsend didn't receive high marks in the 'tent' area, he did awesome around camp. he was intriqued by all of the slugs, but didn't eat any. for he had a smorgsboard of sticks, bark, grass, and other assorted objects.

he really enjoyed the big picnic table. he loved jumping up on the benches so he could have a bird's eye view. he was up on the bench so long, that we finally just moved his water bowl up onto the table. spoiled rotten!

most of the time you can tell when he's ready to go. if he's tied up, he will start pulling with all of his might, as if to say "commmmmee oooonnnn!"

if you don't respond quick enough, he passes out for a nap. this dog loves four things: his tennis ball, treats, naps, and us!

so as he napped the late morning away, we hunkered down for a hiker's lunch! a BIG hiker's lunch! a safeway sub!

after we cramped down half a huge sub, we made our way to the trailhead for dog mountain. dog mountain is a rather strenuous hike with amazing views.

at our first overlook, about a third of the way up.

we all rested for a bit.

townsend said, 'i've never been this high up in my life!'

one. tuckered. puppy.

we sat and took the scenery in for a while.

we even saw some para gliders overhead.

enough break time, onward to the summit.

up the winding trail.

almost to the summit; you can see mt st helens in the distance.

i'm not sure what is more sloped, the girl and dog or the trees.

worn out.

the panoramic view from the top.

townsend, ready to head back down for dinner.

the next day we checked out beacon rock state park, where townsend got to run through tall grass and we got a chance to stroll by the columbia river and take in some fresh river air.

if there's one thing this dog loves, it's running through tall grass!

and rolling in it!

what a noble sporting dog!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Townsend _ spring 09

my how he's grown; still goofy, just bigger.

this looks like one of those silly middle-school pictures.

can I have a treat?

I'm so worn out.

I can still fit!

was this made just for me?

I love to play in the yard. It's one of my favorite things to do.
And I like to eat sticks.
Play in the yard and eat sticks. with Olly.

this is my friend 'Olly.' he's an octopus, but I still like him.

I am trying to help them build my fence.

3 inches!

Monday, May 4, 2009

can't wait.

when oh when will you open?
will you be open before 7am?
will you sell organic, fair trade coffee?
we can't wait.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mt. Si - a Seattle Classic

Mount Si is one of Seattle's classic hikes. This means one of two things...great views, and extremely busy. I refuse to do this hike on the weekend, so Townsend and I set off on a sunny Friday to hike this 4100' peak.

Just getting started in the old growth forest of the Central Cascades.

Stopping for a quick water break. Thank goodness that our Vet recommended that Townsend get his giardia vaccine!

A 250-year-old Doug Fir.

Townsend was enjoying all the sniffs.

We both started slowing down about 3 miles up, but kept pushing. We heard the views were worth it.

Wow. They were right.

Mt. Rainier from Mt. Si

This is the Snoqualmie Valley from the top. It's hard to see in the picture, but this looks along the valley to Bellevue, Seattle, the Puget Sound, all the way to the Olympic Mountains on the peninsula.
It was quite breathtaking.

Here's our view from the top looking west. Maybe we'll have to come up here to see the sunset.

Townsend loved it!

We met a nice older gentleman, Dave, at the top who snapped this picture. He climbs Mt. Si every week.

Hopefully we'll be back again soon. It's a great conditioner for summer backpacking. And it's always nice to have some rewarding views at the top.

Now....the hike back down and a long nap awaits us.