Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a treat for you!

while we get our photographs and writings together to post, we thought we'd give you some night exposure pictures from the grand tetons to hold you over. all of these photographs were taken during the darkness of the night and were exposed for anywhere between five seconds and thirty seconds. no images were 'photoshopped' or doctored!


from the signal mountain campground.

moon [not the sun] over jackson hole, wy. this was a 30 second exposure.

a camera can pickup more stars then you can actually see. another 30 second exposure.

the moon breaking through the clouds.

the money shot! not photoshopped at all! 13 second exposure. check out the big dipper of grand teton. sorry if you have a pc...your monitor will be too dark to see:(!

Friday, July 27, 2007


so while travelling through boulder we found this awesome 'green' housing development in north boulder, co [nobo]. since we had 'the burden' in tow [actually it was back at the campsite], we decided to stop and see how much these two bedroom green homes were going for.

let's see what you guys think. comment on how much you think these go for. we'll post this answer in a few days.

Rocky Mountain National Park: Day 2-3

nightfall on the rockies.

you don't see trees and mountains like this in ohio.

roadside above the treeline [this is where you are so far above sea level that trees refuse to grow].

nothing says lovin' like being 20 ft from a 6 point elk.

check another off the list.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

rocky mountain national park

we're in the f-in rockies!!

chasm falls

foot-numbing fun at the bottom of chasm falls

it's official....alpine...above the treeline!

read the sign....12,005 feet!
i'd love to say we hiked it all, but in reality we only walked up the 300 ft hill in this alpine tundra, but we were still gasping for breath in the thin air.

indian paintbrush surviving 2.5 miles above sea level

beautiful and serene lake irene

just look a that mang!

kansas still sucks

other than my mom's friend mow, lawrence, abilene, and beef...kansas still sucks.

'the burden' still in tow.

we found this place...seemed like a place that ryan adams would write a song about. we like it!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

why such a drastic move?

during last summer's 6-week road trip out west, we began to realize how little we need to live off of. what is all this 'stuff' we crowd our lives with?....two sets of dishes...three toilets...an oversized frisbee...47 gallons of paint...16 blankets...a kitchen table and dining table...2 cars...
what if we cut down, decide to only live off of what we really need? granted, all we physcially need is food, water, shelter, and maybe some clothing. take these necessities a level up and consider only owning what you use, what is functional for you and your family. we realize that each individual functions differently, so this inventory will always be variable.

these thoughts snowballed over the last year, as we began to dream up and design a small homestead. when picturing where this home might be, we couldn't quite picture it in cincinnati. we also realized that this won't be happening anytime soon. so we decided to take the next few years to scope out new areas, begin new adventures, and experience new places, people, under the same God.

seeing how we don't know much about the lifestyle in the pacific northwest, we decided to start there. we have a studio apartment (semi-) lined up for us in downtown seattle. no jobs as of now, but confident that we will land some. so we packed up our uhaul and drove off toward the sunset.

continue to check back frequently to keep updated on the action and adventure, as we will be posting as we make our way across this beautiful nation.