Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kendall Katwalk

I love fall. And I love getting outside, breathing in the cool, crisp autumn air to see beautiful colors changing. Sarah, Townsend and I headed up to Kendall Katwalk to do just this.

Rocky terrain on the way up there.

Townsend peering over the ledge, looking down into the valley.

Sarah nearing the katwalk. ("Where is this thing!?")

We stopped for a quick lunch break, which turned into a longer lunch break, since I looked around me and saw this:
Brooke says I wear everyone out. Sorry, guys.

We made it to the Katwalk! Townsend told me it's rude to take a dog on a katwalk. So he calls it the DOGwalk.

Kendall Kat/Dogwalk is a thin section of trail on the PCT that was blasted off to skirt around this large mountain.

Red Mountain, located in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

It was a great 11 mile hike filled with great colors and spectacular views.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

sam quinn...the squirrel.

i walked out the door the other day to find our dog in a quite, marvelous point. then i looked up and saw what he was pointing at...

sam quinn the squirrel!
[named after this sam quinn. i thought it was fitting.]

townsend held his point, and held his point, and held his point until he was shaking.

i called, 'get it!' and off towno tore after sam quinn and his walnuts.

sam dropped his walnuts. i would have done the same.

sam got away this time. it's been fun watching, as this has gone on for weeks!