Sunday, December 13, 2009

Luke Gullberg

updated 12.16.09 @7:37pm

this article details the current status of the search for Katie Nolan and Anthony Vietti:

while the search has been suspended, please continue to pray that God would work in this situation.

a past video from Luke's myspace:

Mt. Rainier

Lukey | MySpace Video

The past 24 hours has been quite difficult. We heard that our friend Luke Gullberg's body was found on Mt Hood. Luke, and two others [still missing] had attempted a difficult line on the summit of Mt. Hood.

Luke was one of the most positive people we have ever met, and had a smile that would immediately warm your heart. If you ever talked with him, you will always remember his smile, and his head nodding in excitement.

Our confidence rests knowing that Luke is in a much better place, Heaven. He passed doing something he loved. Luke was an expert climber and his story will encourage many.

luke in lighter times; our halloween party dressed as his english professor, in our attic.

Please pray for his family [His father Rod, sister Becky, and brother Scott], and the two other lost climbers, Katie and Anthony.

UPDATES: 12.15.09 @ 4.45pm
Still searching for Katie and Anthony. They have been out for 5 days. But we do not lose hope.
For those of you questioning the use of Personal Locater Beacons, and wondering who is paying for this...please read this article posted by Portland Mountain Rescue.

For current information: