Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

from both of us, to all of you. wishing you a very merry christmas!

we heard that herod was a pretty mean guy...

so we brought in the troops!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Seattle Symphony 2008

every christmas time andrea and i try to get all dolled up and do something nice.

this year we ate at wild ginger. a nice little asian restaurant above our favorite concert venue, 'the triple door.'

after dinner we wondering across the street to benaroya hall to see the seattle symphony. they were performing their holiday concert 'winter dreams.' the music was amazing! it's always great to hear good classical music. to be honest though, we felt the program was rather short.

what better to end the evening then stopping by the pyramid brewery on the way home for a winter warm up...and spinach, artichoke, chorizo dip!

Thanksgiving 2008

once again we had and orphan thanksgiving. we invited all of our transplanted friends over to share in giving thanks for the bounty...which we deep fried! jon and selky [aka red dog] tend to the bird in the deep fryer and the birds in the drive-way.

this smile was for not having to cook turkey tom in the oven this thanksgiving. although i [brooke] must say that last year she made the most amazing turkey i've ever had in my life!

anson, from portland, did a fabulous job on the stir fried green beans. it was awesome to see that everybody jumped right in to help.

once again, the vets [kris ann on left and melinda on right] did the honor of carving the bird. i have to learn one of these days. jon supervised the legalities of the situation!

this is selky; also known as 'red dog.' she wanted to come in and socialize, but had to stay in the mud room because...well, she was muddy. she'd join us later for games.

the adult table [kris ann, jon, melinda, brooke ...taking photo..., andrea and stosh].

the kid's table [mark, rich, and anson]. they behaved very nicely!

too much turkey; too much dessert.

we had a wonderful evening that was shared with wonderful friends. we ate, drank, played games, and closed the evening around 12am. we were glad to spend it with our orphan friends!

until next year...thanksgiving out!