Thursday, March 26, 2009

alternate way to open stuff.

not everyone needs the mini-screwdriver.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day Off - Crystal Mountain Skiing

There were a bunch of things i loved about teaching, but one ranked at the top of the list [somewhere between working with kids and rectangular pizza]: summer vacation! while i don't necessarily get a 'vacation' with my new job, i do get a few days off. with the amount of snow that's been falling late in this season, we felt that i was due for a day off.

we packed the car, dropped townsend off at pethotel for doggie day camp, and pointed the family truckster in the direction of our 'local' hill, crystal mountain.

as usual we stopped at the enumclaw safeway for donuts and chocolate milk.

it was great day skiing. the sun showed it's face a little, and the snow was good.

here's andrea racing down the mountain!
she has gotten very proficient over the past two years living in washington. i'm trying to talk her into going down to utah next winter; hope for the best!

brooke zipping down the hill. trying to be goofy!

a thirty year old trying a 180 degree spin!

here comes the sun...kinda.

today couldn't have been better, unless we were joined by friends. used the sunnto to see how much elevation we skied: 27201 vertical feet.

ps - townsend wanted us to let you know that he did very well on his 'paw-gress report' while we were away.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


our friend michael stopped through town this weekend and we got a chance to hang. he was in town for work, but had the time friday to go out to dinner with us; read: elliot bay brewhouse! we made arrangements to hook up with him on sunday for 'take you friends to work night.'

it was typical michael to tell us to meet him at the loading dock at the tacoma dome. when we arrived at the back entrance and phoned, he popped out of a door with backstage passes!
michael has the coolest job ever!

we made our way through the bowels of the dome to a patch of dirt and row of fences.

there andrea found one of her favorite things...
a rodeo waiting to happen! actually, it was more of a quasi-rodeo. diet-rodeo if you will...but it.was.awesome!

our first stop was the 'chutes.' this is where the cowboys...well...cowboy up. they strap themselves to a bull and try to hold on for 8 seconds.
these guys are so gentle of creatures, it's hard to believe there can get so riled up.

michael operates a camera in the chutes. when your flippin' channels and see bullriding, pause...see if it's PBR, and then wait for a chute-shot. that's michael behind it. like i said...his job is awesome!

next stop was the video truck; imagine a semi trailer filled with video screens, blinking lights, and wires. this is where they take care of the broadcast of the event. michael said it got very busy when the show was on, but now it just contained a guy playing poker on his laptop [sorry to narc you out. :)]

we couldn't believe the arsenal of cameras they used. this was mike's.

there was also the camera along side of the ring.

we both got to 'play' with it. this camera has mad-zoom and great depth of field!

we concluded our tour and made our way to our seats, via hot dogs and mountain dew; hey, sometimes you just have to live the life.

and waited patiently for the show to start.

here it goes!

Professional Bull Riding at it's best! [a very close second to the Jackson Hole Rodeo.

enjoying the action from the nose-bleed section. like i said, sometimes you just have to live the life.

bull riding. what a funny sport. totally enthrawling; but funny. 2.1 isn't going to cut it. andrea rooted hard for 'snake oil,' but was a little disappointed.

we finish with the bull riders equivalent to the zamboni. cute, in a wall-e sort of way...but no zamboni.

michael, thanks for the backstage tour of PBR. we both have a greater appreciation for what it takes to get it to our TV, and what a circus must be like.

all of the versus group was gracious, and we look forward to seeing you soon in tacoma!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Keechelus Ridge Snowshoe

It's still full blown winter out here (in the mountains) so we're not too late to get in some more 'shoeing. We headed out past Snoqualmie summit to hike up to Keechelus Ridge.

With puppy in tow (or is that backwards?...who's walking who?) we must always remember his poop bags.

Townsend laughed as we strapped on our snowshoes. His are built in! It was funny to see his paws spread out for the whole trip. helped!

Just sniffing around. He loves trees.

Stay still for a picture?...I don't understand.

Now where exactly are we? Where is this ridge?

Taking a break

Guys! there's something down here!

Family photo:)

We finally made it up to the ridge.

There were some great views....but nothing compared to a clear day.

We all took a break. Brooke and Andrea munched on snacks. Townsend munched on branches.

Total elevation: 4469 ft.

It was fun getting out on a nice sunny-ish day.

Beautiful self portrait.

Back down the ridge and toward a warm car.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

st patty's day 2009

although we were not in chicago this st. patty's day, we missed you steve and maura, we decided to throw on our green and party at home.

the evening starting with andrea and townsend dancing the jig to some irish music.

we then settled into a dinner of corn-beef and homemade green beer [and water]!

mmm green rainier beer!

andrea broke out her 'blarney-boppers!' these are reserved only for 3/17.

even townsend got into the irish mood. he's such a festive dog!

happy st patty's day to all of you!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

spring weather

Nothing beats the Pacific Northwest in the spring. Especially after having a fairly dry winter, and then, come spring, and bam! we get dumped on.

What else to do but hit the slopes?

We headed up to Stevens Pass for a perfect powder day.
Visibility = 0

the chairlifts were cold and windy, so we were sure to cover as much skin as we could.

We were only skiing for about 8 hours, but that was long enough to camouflage our car beneath a good 10-12 " of snow.

The ride home was a little slow, and snowy...but we made it in time to pick up Townsend and head home for some warm drinks.