Monday, February 8, 2010

Apology & Schweizter Ski Trip

no, we're not dead.
sorry for the two months of silence. it's been quite busy, but we're prepared to get you caught up!

we spent this past weekend at schweizter ski resort in idaho.
schweizter is probably the biggest-closest ski resort to washington, with the exception of whistler/blackcomb; which [1] doesn't have any snow and [2] is currently hosting the oylmpics.

schweizter is perched high above sandpoint, idaho and lake pend oreille [pronounced: pend-o-ray]. now some folks from the midwest are going to knock idaho, but don't...until you've been there. northern idaho is completely awesome!

we spent saturday and sunday skiing; a question we get a lot is "how was the snow?" good saturday, crunchy sunday with a few fluffy stashes.

...and thanks to the super bowl hardly anybody was out on sunday. we had this beautiful mountain to ourselves! way to go nfl, you do do something useful! :)

back in sandpoint, we hit up: mickduff's brewing company [try their organic ipa], laughing dog brewery [stop by and see to toby], northwest handmade [where we bought a sweet "blue pine" bench for our mud room], tons of little local shops, and misty mountain furniture, where andrea found a huge rustic chair; too bad it wouldn't fit in our car!

both schweizter and sandpoint were worth the trip, and we will definitely make it again. but maybe next year we'll try whistler...if they have snow. :)