Friday, June 27, 2008

Lake Erie [South Bass Island->Cedar Point]

we also used the family boat to take, what is becoming, our annual trip to cedar point. if you've never been to cedar point, go. it's the epitome of an american amusement park...the best i've heard!

it's about an hour boat ride over to cedar point. it's rather enjoyable during the day.

cedar point at arrival [yes, we rode the yellow one!]

we take advantage of their starlight pass. basically half price, it gives you about five hours to get as dizzy as you can before the park closes.

here are a few artsy photos of the mantis. not the best, but will get your heading spinning and your knees aching:

we made it to all of the best [all we wanted to ride] roller coasters.

here's the 2008 list with commentary:
  1. mantis
  2. millennium force [we will only right this after dark]
  3. maverick [follow my brother's instructions, 'keep your shit in your pockets!" during the ride, a nickel hit my foot and lodged between my foot and flipflop. it was not mine...i don't carry nickels. i gave it back to the guy in front of me.]
  4. cedar creek mine ride [it will blow your mind!]
  5. gemini [andrea's favorite... she could ride this all day!]
  6. magnum xl-200 [i've heard rumors that fabio's face got destroyed by a seagull on this ride...can anyone confirm this?]
  7. corkscrew [this gave andrea a nice bruise on her left bicep!]
  8. top thrill dragster [try screaming on take off. but if you's not my fault!]
  9. disaster transport [andrea convinced me that we needed to ride this...the scariest part about this ride was that if the cars stopped, nobody would find you for days!]
  10. raptor [one of andrea's favorites! your feet dangle and you spin upside down!]
we even had time to sit down and inhale two big-hot-soft preztels and a mountain dew between rides! next year, we'll hit up the blue streak [the original roller coaster], mean streak [we'll only ride this ever other year as it's basically like being shoved into a milkcrate and being kicked down five flights of stairs], and the demon drop [i've never riden this].

after the coasters, we hit up famous dave's barbecue, which is dockside. after our stomaches are filled with beef, we get one final ride! the boat ride home in the dark! if you've never been out on lake erie at night, find some one experienced and try it out!

we had a lot of fun this year and already look forward to next year!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lake Erie [South Bass Island->Kelley's Island]

one of my favorite things that i love about my parents living on an island is transportation by a boat. we were taught at a very young age a variety of boating skills and etiquette. the current family boat was built for us in south carolina and is starting it's ninth successful summer season. it is a C-Hawk and is named after my grandfather; E.M. Trisler.

the greatest thing about the family boat is that it's sitting at the dock, ready to go whenever you want (except for having to wash the mayflies off in the summer!)

so when andrea and i are home visiting, if the lake's not
frozen, we try to spend a little time on the boat.

andrea takes to running the boat with no problem!

one of the places i feel most 'at home.'

on the way to eat dinner at the Village Pump on Kelley's
Island. they have the best perch on lake erie, next to my

we normally dock at the casino. it's not really a casino...
come to think about it, i've been docking there for fifteen
years and have no idea why it's called the casino.

the pump.

the pump is 'world' famous for their brandy alexanders.

the way home.

back home before the sun set.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

i went back to ohio...

in the words of chrissie hynde...'i went back to ohio...'
it was time to see some friends, help brooke's parents move, and return to seattle with another uHaul. it was a very interesting trip to ohio, aside from the twelve-hour days spent in the car! here are some photos from our stops along the way.

7th cavalry monument at little big horn.

general custer's first grave. that's right, his first.
can you guess the second?

indian memorial at custer's last stand.

sidewalk art in sheridan, wy.

sidewalk art in sheridan, wy.

only in south dakota.

the badlands.

the beauty and the badlands.

bad ass.

iowa. that's right...this is iowa.
after 14 hours in the car we decided we wanted to stay longer.
we pulled into a rest stop, folded the seats down in the xterra
and 'slept' the night away! note to self: don't think that you
can sleep for seven hours comfortably in a space that is
one foot shorter than your body length!

canaan, indiana.
feels good (except for the heat and humidity)
to be back in the midwest.

it was a good (quick) trip to cincinnati to visit with some friends, family and eat some la rosas before heading on up to lake erie....

stay tuned for more details for the great ohio trip of 08.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

seahell exchange [p-cola & seattle]

after looking at scott and lise rust's adventures in pensacola, florida, we thought it would be fun to do a seashells exchange. we were surprised when the package arrived! we thought that they would sent out one or two, were we wrong! we should've known that they don't roll like "one or two" seashell people...they roll big!

no respect. ;)

not only did they send seashells, but scott made us a
'seashell mix' cd with 61 songs! brooke's favorite was
'jimmy olsen's blues -spin doctors.' he'll have to sit
down and learn that riff!

this is what an official 'crap load' of shells lots like.
crap load = roughly 40 shells. scott and lise were also
out did themselves by sending a seashell guide!

andrea and her favorite: the florida fighting conch!

these weren't some sissy shells...these were the real deal!

we could have played frisbee golf with these things!
this was the biggest sand dollar i've ever seen in my life!

brooke's favorites: golden and lettered olive.

a few lightning whelks... and others.

the jury's still out on this one! a visit might be in store!

this package was very much appreciated and will be cherished for many years to come! thank you scott and lise for participating in this shenanigan! you'll be receiving your package before the end of summer. don't be surprised if you get a rock or i think that is washington's official state seashell!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Around Seattle in 7 days with the Kimbles!

To get a better idea of what a fun visit to Seattle might look like in your near on.

We had the pleasure to show Andrea's parents around the Seattle area. It was so much fun running around to be sure they got in the full experience!

We started with a grand tour around Mt. Rainier National Park on Sunday.
Here we are at the base of a roadside waterfall...just one of many.

Dad and Andrea, checking out the Longmire Historic Visitor Center.

A mountain range in the distance.

A beautiful waterfall falling down into a pool of fresh, glacial water.

Paradise Inn just re-opened after 3 years of being closed for renovations. This was our first time in this beautiful old Inn.
Dad was taking a rest on the lower level.

Mom and Dad Kimble. Notice all the snow that was still there!!

On our drive around the mountain, the clouds finally parted and we got a peek of the mountain in all it's glory. Breathtaking...

And of course, what's a visit to Seattle without a (long) stop at Pike Place Market!? Mom, Dad and Andrea spent quite a while at the market, shopping, looking out along the Sound, and watching the Pike Place Fish Market throw fish around!

My Mom had not been to Seattle since the 1962 World's Fair, but she could remember parts of Seattle Center, including the Monorail and the Space Needle.

Brooke and Dad on the Monorail.

Mom and Andrea enjoying the ride, too!

We had to make a point of 'Ride the Ducks' tour while they were here!
Here's Andrea looking like a duck.

Mom and Andrea on the duck boat.
The tour consisited of 60 minutes on land tour...

...and 30 minutes in Lake Union! Yes!...this vehicle floats!

You may recognize this floating home from 'Sleepless in Seattle.' This little home on Lake Union was recently up for sale for $2.5 million!

We spent our last full day walking around Old Pioneer Square before we went to see the Mariners take on the Nationals.

It was so fun having my parents out for a visit! They were such troopers putting up with the cold weather we were having that week...we hit record was terrible. But they kept smiling and moving from one thing to the next!

Can you believe it! The silver structure behind gasping Brooke is a public restroom! This thing features an automatic door and talking voices. Let's hope the door doesn't open while you' know....

Brooke did a great job balancing a full week of work and running around with the in-laws.

My mom, the fire fighter! (now you know where I get my weirdness from)

On the flight home from Seattle back to Ohio, my mom grabbed this great shot above Mt. Rainier. This is one of the greatest shots of the mountain anyone could ask for.

Mom and Dad:
Thanks for taking the time to come out to Seattle to visit us! We truly had a great time seeing you, catching up, and taking you around to all our favorite sights. We look forward to more visits in the future....believe us, there is so much more left to see of this part of the country, you won't be bored. Although you may want to consider coming in August or September when it's sunny and a warm 75 degrees everyday!
Love you both!