Saturday, January 31, 2009


INTRODUCING: .... Townsend!

Townsend is a 12 week old german shorthaired pointer from salem, or. he was one of 12 puppies from jill and scott at hunterpuppies! check out their site for early photographs of townsend; referred to 'windsor' and '#7.'

his favorite toy is his duck! he like to to wrestle with it until it honks.

Townsend also likes to play with his retrieval dummy.

he likes to jump and pounce on it.

he also likes to shake it around and return it to his mommy and daddy.

mainly, he 'liked' to chew on it; it is retired now. look at those forehead wrinkles! he has a lot of skin to grow into!

Townsend's favorite pastime is napping.

i'm not sure how that is comfortable...but he'll sleep hours in that position!

Townsend loves his mommy! whenever she's sitting cross legged, him curl up and take a nap! he wanted us to tell you that that is one of his favorite blue blankets!

this puppy's a cuddlier! ...and has already brought us much joy.

we'll keep you updated on the growing up process!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kendall Peak Lakes

went up into the cascades today for some snowshoeing. the snow was hard and crunchy [cascade concrete], but we felt a lot of freedom in the crisp cold mountain air.

we've had a spell of fog, so the lower elevations made our photos look a little antiqued.

not all snowshoeing is a walk in the park.

the art of nature is supremely beautiful. i don't think an artist could mix a shade of blue like the packed snow and ice revels in it's crevasses.

this is flocked tree nation.

perspectives are sometimes skewed. we wandered up to the 'little' snow covered three foot tree. after the snow melt, we would discover that we would actually be looking at the top of a twenty foot tree.

taking a break for cookies and frozen rivers...

and re-gloving.

the remaining half of mile of trail to kendall peak lakes laid of the other side of this blown out river bed. we could of crossed it, but were content in just basking in the beauty of the frozen ice.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Skiing at Mt Baker

we went up to mt baker this past weekend to go skiing for the first day out this season. the skiing was great and the weather was unbelievable.

the group consisted of bryan, brooke, andrea and jenn.

mt baker normally has incredible skiing, but add that with a bright sunny day and 55 degree can't beat it! it was so bright that it was hard not to squint without goggles or sunglasses.

it was such a beautiful day!

being able to look upon a volcanic mountain while you ski is breathtaking. behind bryan is that volcanic mountain: mt baker.

this will go down as a great ski day!