Sunday, July 3, 2011

Skyline Trail - Jasper, Alberta, Canada

Jasper National Park: Our destination for Week 1 for some backpacking, kayaking, and day hiking!

On our way into Jasper, we found this lone black bear munching along the road.

Kayaks in tow for a backcounty kayak trip in Maligne Lake.

Glorious. Free.

In Jasper, we wanted to hike the Skyline Trail. Since the middle was still snowed in, we opted to hike as far as we could for two nights and some day hiking. At the start of the trail was a beautiful old burned area.

Thank goodness for bridges. This was during their big snow melting time.

Airing out our feet at base camp.
This was at Little Shovel Pass Camp.

This is bear country; both black and grizzly. You have to hang your food when not in immediate use!

Tent Sweet Tent: Our home for the next 21 days or so!

Did we mention: Glorious and Free!

This woman is 5.5 months pregnant!
Crossing snowfields, climbing, and always trying to make me keep up...My hero!

Still too early for wildflowers, but we found one or two.
Anyone know what this is?

Little Shovel Pass.

Not a bad place to have lunch!

We stopped in the meadow/valley between Little Shovel Pass and Big Shovel Pass.
They was an ice cornice blocking Big Shovel Pass, so this was the end of the line for us.

River crossings too! can't stop her!

Building a cairn on Little Shovel Pass on the return trip.

Self always!

Happy....Tired Campers!

Retrieving the food bag for breakfast!

Our next phase in backcountry kayaking in Maligne Lake...

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Mom T. said...

Looks like a wonderful trip.....Glorious and Free!
Way to go Andrea! A girl after my own heart! Who is that slacker who is always trailing you?!

Mom T